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If the answer is yes to any of the following questions, our courses and mentoring may be for you

1. Would you like an increase in confidence?

2. Would you like an increase in motivation?

3. Would you like an improved sense of direction and focus?

4. Would you like improved personal effectiveness?

5. Would you like to have an improved ability to influence others?

Did you say yes? If so, keep reading to find out how you can achieve those goals

With around 30 years of experience in the field, Keith has personally mentored Premier League Footballers, England National Team Coaches, a Pride of Britain Winner, a World Champion athlete, a PGA Golfer, an Assistant Manager of a Football League Club in England, several FIFA Pro License Coaches, respected personnel within soccer in America, personnel within the South Korean Football Association and many more. Keith is highly respected across the world for his work, delivering on six continents.


Keith is an FA affiliate tutor, and has delivered on FA coaching courses, including the UEFA B License and Level 4 Football Psychology course. He has also delivered on the AFC Pro License and has done coach education and mentoring with the South Korean and Chinese FA’s.


Keith and David’s years of knowledge and experiences in the personal development field led to them writing their #1 best-selling book, ‘Gold Dust: How to Become A More Effective Coach, Quickly.’

Course & Mentoring Overview: Course Overview

The Gold Dust Course Information

Are you interested in becoming a more effective coach, quickly? If so, this course can elevate your ability to positively influence those around you.

Week 1 – Values and Beliefs
Week 2 – The Lone Wolf
Week 3 – Building Rapport
Week 4 – The Power of Language
Week 5 – The Highly Effective Coach

The Gold Dust Course can be completed on its own, or with different mentoring packages that will be offered at a discounted price. For more information, click on the course links below.

The Gold Dust Mentoring Information

Gold Dust coach mentoring is designed for coaches that are looking for ongoing coach development anywhere in the world.

Our feedback & support is via email, skype, zoom and calls.  This provides you with bespoke support linked around your own needs within your own personal coaching journey.

We have 4 packages offering difference levels of support/interaction

Bronze Package

Silver Package

Gold Package

Platinum Package

For more information on the Gold Dust Mentoring program, click on the course link below.

Course & Mentoring Overview: Course Overview
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