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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Keith and I have been friends for many years but he has brought more than just friendship to our relationship. His wisdom and knowledge has taught me so much - he is an excellent mentor. A deep thinker with an inquisitive nature, Keith always encourages a deeper level of thought around relationships and human behaviour in any walk of life. I highly recommend that you take in as much of the knowledge and experience that he shares with us, as it truly is gold dust!"

Richard Dobson - Wycombe Wanderers Assistant Manager

Testimonials: Testimonials

"As a friend and co-worker of David’s, I can tell you firsthand that his dedication to his craft and professionalism are second to none.  He is always working, always striving to improve himself and those around him, but it is his interactions with players both on and off the pitch that truly sets him apart from anyone I have been around within the game. 

As a parent whose Son has been coached by David, his ability to recognize each player’s unique attributes and behavior cannot be understated.  My Son came to him as a very introverted child who struggled to get involved with those around him, and one whose self confidence in his abilities was very much in question upon his arrival.  David’s ability to recognize this, to see the individual person and not just another player is the reason my Son thrives in the environment he is in now, both with his interactions in a team setting, but his effect is even felt off the pitch in my Son’s ability to open up to others and communicate better with others.

I have witnessed firsthand David’s ability to approach any team, whether he is coaching them or not and immediately connect with players and staff on a human level that makes them feel important and that they are getting the attention from someone who truly cares about those interactions as much as they do.  David is a great person, and I am proud to call him my friend and grateful for what he has done for my family."

James Sadler - Project Manager at 7Elite Academy

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