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Gold Dust was released on November 27th 2019, and became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon within days of release. Six months later, the book was still sat at #1, and has been impacting lives both in and out of sports all over the world.

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The Lone Wolf was released on May 19th 2021, and became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon within one day of release. The 45 page short story is very different than "Gold Dust," but holds messages within that can be carried into many different fields.

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What Is Gold Dust About?

In sports you’re generally working with a group, but sport is about coaching and connecting with individuals. The individuals will then make the group stronger. It’s the athlete’s journey, it’s their life and its unique. By working with the athlete and coaching and connecting with them on an individual level, you will make your group stronger.

A lot of people talk about sports from a technical and tactical standpoint, but it’s only a tiny part of coaching. The best coaches across all sports generally get success because of their ability to connect and relate to their athletes. They are able to enhance the learning environment for athletes, make athletes feel better about what it is they do, and in turn optimise the athletes performances, regardless of their age.

The experiences athletes have generally come from the environment created by their coach. As a coach, you can help optimise this environment. This book delves deeper into the importance of building connections in sporting environments, and how you can do it. The foundations, skills, techniques and behaviours within the book will enable you to create an environment that makes for a better experience for you and your athletes

This book talks about the importance of connection, and how you can maximise the connections you build. It is filled with golden nuggets of information around how to build on relationships, gain and maintain motivation with your athletes, how you can be a highly effective coach, and how you can communicate effectively. It shares stories and experiences from people at the top of their game in the respective sports and gives you clear insights of what you can do to be even better at coaching than you already are.

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